MyPITBOARD is designed BY racers FOR racers.

GNSS (GPS) Based Real-Time Timing Device, No subscription, No Transponders!

With four training modes your performance can consistently be enhanced:

  • LAPTIME MODE: This mode will likely be your most frequently used mode. It displays critical real-time riding analytics such as lap time, lap number, total elapsed time and the split time difference between your current and last lap
  • SECTION MODE: Figure out the fastest way to ride a section. Try different rhythms and line routes to beat the competition
  • SEGMENT MODE: With segment mode, riders can split the track into 2 – 5 segments to figure out where exactly on the track they are losing time to gain on overall lap times
  • HOLESHOT MODE: Nothing feels better than getting a huge holeshot! Once your location is set, you’ll get a 10 second countdown. Within 1 to 5 seconds, the device will flash ‘Go!’ to mimic a gate drop. Soon enough you’ll be ripping holeshots like a pro

The MyPITBOARD device features:

  • Four real-time training modes
  • Instant feedback
  • Post-track lap breakdown
  • Touch screen capabilities
  • Advanced GNSS timing
  • 0.1s timing accuracy
  • 5.5Hrs Continuous high brightness device usage.
  • 11x 30min Moto’s on one charge! (5.5hrs/0.5hr/moto=11 Motos)

With this product you will receive:

  • The MyPITBOARD VM1.2 Device
  • MyPITBOARD’s High-Density Foam Handle Bar Pad
  • MyPITBOARD’s VM1.2 Charging Cable
  • A VM1.2 Handle Bar Pad Cover