Let’s face it, we live in a technological age full of “smart” gadgets – watches (activity & sleep), wattage devices, indoor cycling systems, indoor rower and ski ERG, etc. all designed to provide us with data to help us get more fit, faster and leaner. But what do all these numbers mean and how do I use them to ensure my training is producing the results I want?

Coach Robb’s methodologies and strategies come directly from his experiences at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he underwent rigorous testing with a team of physiologists as part of the Triathlon Development Team. Their approach became the infrastructure for the Coach Robb Health & Performance Dashboard Analysis process by understanding that health and performance do not develop in a silo, but rather are the sum total of all bodily systems.

Our evaluation and analysis services combine Coach Robb’s expert knowledge of physiology with decades of historical data working with athletes to ensure you understand your performance dashboard and more importantly, give you the knowledge you need to eliminate common frustrations such as performance plateaus, excessive fatigue, and long-term healthcare ramifications.

While our analysis is individualized based on your specific performance indicators and biofeedback, some of the variables we evaluate include:

  • Heart rate vs. lap times (fastest, lowest, average) – evaluates true intensity and how it relates to food and hydration
  • Lap times (sprint speed) – validates strength and cross training protocols specific to open lap sprint speed
  • Projected activity duration vs. actual duration – evaluates residual fatigue and durability of the athlete
  • Average and max heart rate against pace – identifies physical limiters such as aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and lactate tolerance
  • Sweat rate evaluated against temperature, humidity and fluid intake – helps determine perspiration rate to build customized hydration and fueling program
  • Functional range of motion specific to biomechanics on the motorcycle – determines riding specific techniques (avoid dabbing your foot, appropriate attack position, etc.) along with functional strength and flexibility
  • How to train with wattage for maximum results (cycling wattage vs. heart rate and speed)
  • L/R Balance – evaluates body symmetry (front/back, left/right, top/bottom) – an imperative evaluation tool for everyone!
  • Heart rate variability – determines the stress that the body is currently under as it adapts to volume, intensity and frequency of training
  • Quality and quantity of sleep – determines athlete’s ability to absorb the current stress and load associated with training and recovery


  • 90-minute phone consultation providing a comprehensive evaluation of performance results
  • Customized food & hydration strategy for training and racing
  • Individualized performance strategy to avoid over training
  • Functional strength and flexibility protocols to avoid injury and perform better
  • Understanding, knowledge and confidence in the purpose behind each training session and how it contributes to your incremental improvements


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